I’ve had the exact same thing for lunch at work for seven consecutive work days now. The cafeteria at the studio is so bad now that it’s a miracle that I’ve found something that I think is tasty and is relatively healthy.

For seven straight lunches, I’ve had a turkey sandwich and a side salad. The sandwich consists of sourdough bread with some cranberries baked in. The cranberries gives the bread a bit of sweetness. I believe the turkey is smoked and is sliced thin. There’s a slice of cheese, not sure what it is but it’s like white. A bit of lettuce is added. The finishing touch is a bit of mayo. The sandwich tastes good which is such a rare thing to find at the cafeteria these days, a good tasting item of food.

The side salad is nothing to write home about but it is healthy and contains greens. I am not sure how long I can continue to eat the same damn thing but we’ll find out.

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