One of the things I dislike about winter is the lower relative humidity in the air. The dry air wrecks havoc with my skin and scalp. Cooler air can hold less moisture and winter is where we find lower temperatures. Strangely though, it seems this winter, the relative humidity has stayed higher than normal.

We’ve had some night where it was near or at the freezing point and it still didn’t feel all that dry. For example, tonight the low is supposed to be at -1 degrees Celsius but according to my hygrometer, the relative humidity in my bedroom is an acceptable 47%. This is with no humidifier or other artificial means of increasing the moisture in the air.

During most winters, the humidity drops to the 30s and stays there for while. At this point, I can really feel it on my skin and I have to break out my humidifier. So far, this year, it’s stayed in storage because it hasn’t really been all that dry.

I wonder if this is the first year in a long time that I’ll be able to go through an entire winter without having to use my humidifier.

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