Several years ago I wrote in a post that I tried to wean myself from using talc or baby powder. I did attempt it but went back on the stuff since it makes me feel super fresh after a shower.

This week, the government of Canada, released a report that indicates that talc is a health risk when breathed in. It is also a cancer risk when used on female genitals. The good news is that it is safe when used on the skin. Unfortunately, due to the nature of talc, how can you get it on your skin without producing a loose cloud of the stuff?

My bathroom has a layer of baby powder in the area where I apply it. That’s not unexpected but I wonder how much of it I breathe it. Perhaps the saving grace is that I always leave the bathroom right after I apply the talc and there is no evidence of talc anywhere else in my apartment.

Anyways, I’m going to try again to wean myself off the baby powder. I’m not the first person to try to stay away from a white powder that makes me feel good. I’ve gone two days without it and so far, it feels fine. It’s the winter time though and the air is naturally more dry. The real litmus test is in the summer when the heat and humidity come into play. For now, I’m good.

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