My mattress is about eight years old now and it’s saggy and definitely seen better days. I’ve been thinking about getting a new mattress since the summer but as with most things, I can procrastinated pulling the trigger.

On the weekend, I finally did it and got a new mattress. Not only did I get a new mattress, I actually bought a real bed. It’s nothing fancy but I actually have a real headboard now. When I bought my original mattress for my apartment when I moved in, I just got a cheap metal frame to put my box spring and mattress on. It was a pretty ghetto solution and one that showed my priorities were elsewhere (I was also shopping for a plasma TV at the time).

Anyways, the new mattress is firmer than my current mattress but it falls on the softer scale of firmness overall. Because of size constraints, it is still a full or double size but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to better nights of sleep when the bed arrives.

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