I was at Walmart on the weekend and I saw that they are now selling store brand Ferrero Rocher chocolate copies. They’re priced at almost half the price of the real deal and come in the same little clear plastic box. I love Ferrero Rocher so I jumped at the opportunity to buy an alternative at almost half price.

When I got them home, I noticed there were some slight differences between the knock-off and the real deal. Actual Ferrero Rocher chocolates are completely round and spherical. The Walmart ones are mostly spherical but have a flat bottom. The real test, is of course, how do they taste?

The real Ferrero Rocher chocolates have a really crisp and light outer shell. The Walmart ones weren’t as crisp or light. The hazelnut filling inside isn’t as creamy or rich. It’s sweet but the filling tastes almost bland compared to a real Ferrero Rocher.

Overall, it’s not terrible but given a blind taste test, it wouldn’t be difficult at all to guess which was the Walmart brand one and which is the real one. Some people might not care nor notice but I can. Maybe I got a bad box? I’ll have to try another to make sure.

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