My air quality monitor arrived in the mail today. It takes PM2.5 readings, which detects particulate matter (PM) with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers.

I placed the monitor in my bedroom, where I probably spend most of my time in my home, given I sleep there. For most of the early evening, the readings were great, in the low teens, with a low of eleven. If you’re not familiar with the scale, look here. It was right at the border between “good” and “moderate” on the air quality index.

It got a little worse late into the evening, with the readings staying in the mid-20s, with a high of 29. I’m not sure why it got higher in the evening, it’s possible the smoke is returning. The good news is the air quality is my bedroom is pretty good, at least using a PM2.5 measurement.

I wish this monitor had the functionality to measure PM10, which is for dust-sized particles but perhaps I’ll look into that later.

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