Well, my new tablet was indeed delivered to the studio mailroom today but I didn’t get it. The mailroom processes all the packages that get delivered to the studio itself and also the employees. Employees are not supposed to go to the mailroom looking for their packages unless they get an e-mail stating their package is ready for pickup. It used to be that if a package got delivered that day, you would get an e-mail that day. For some reason now, most likely due to volume, the mailroom now regularly will hold a package for 24 to 72 hours until they send out the e-mail. Sometimes the e-mail won’t even come.

This long delay totally defeats the purpose of delivering packages to work. It used to be that you didn’t want to a notice card left at your home since you’re at work and not there to receive the package. Instead, you’d get your packages delivered to work and you’d get them the same day. With the multi-day delays, it’s actually now faster or just as fast to get your stuff delivered to your home, even if you have to go pick up your package at the post office the next day or after you get home from work.

I’m hoping the mailroom will release my tablet to me tomorrow but there’s no guarantee of that.

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