I had my annual review today with my manager. I never know what to expect with these things because I never know what my colleagues and co-workers will say about me. In my company, you ask people to leave feedback about you. You never know who is going to say what and the comments kinda get anonymized.

Anyways, I was bracing for the worst today but it actually turned out really well. My manager said I had a great year and everyone was quite pleased with my work. For the last year, I worked closely with a senior engineer and also with content creators, who used the tools and systems I developed so they can be creative and produce content for the game. I’ve enjoyed the process this year and I think it showed in my work.

In a few weeks, my manager and I will meet again to discuss compensation, which means whatever my raise and bonus will be this year. I’m not on FIFA which means I should expect quite modest amounts, which has always been the case in my business unit. I’m not complaining though, I had a good review and that’s great.

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