For the last several days I’ve noticed the same car parked in one of the lots near the entrance I use to go into the studio in the morning. This lot is used for two purposes: as a car2go lot and for employee parking for the motion capture studio. The car in question is a white Escalade SUV and there’s always the same middle-aged guy in it. I’m not sure why he’s there. He’s parked the Escalade so that it faces the car2go cars. Is he auditing the cars or observing usage patterns? I don’t think so because the Escalade is pretty blinged-out to be a research vehicle. It looks like it’s got gold rims and white leather seats.

The fact that it’s parked in the motion capture lot makes me think he’s the driver for some VIP talent that’s come to use the motion capture facilities. We often get celebrities and high-profile athletes who come get their motion captured for movie or games. Their visits are very low-key and I’d say 99% of the employees don’t even know they’re here. Anyways, I’ve seen Escalade guy sitting in the same spot well into the late afternoon. Whoever he is, he is very patient.

I wonder, will he be there tomorrow?

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