My apartment building had its AGM last evening. We voted on many things, including a lobby renovation, but one of the more interesting things was a special levy for a fire alarm panel separation. Since this building was completed, the entire complex, that is, the three separate apartment buildings and the lower commercial and business spaces were all on the same fire alarm system. That means that if someone pulled the fire alarm in the pizza place downstairs, the fire alarm would ring in all three apartment buildings, even if the pizza place was separated from us through a bazillion fire walls. Over the years, this has led to countless false alarms, to the point where no one takes these alarms seriously anymore.

We’ve finally gotten to the point where the alarms will separated: for each building and for the commercial spaces. The cost of the whole operation will be a stunning $240,000 or so. This is divided amongst all the involved parties. My share will be about $250, in a one-time levy. It’s not a huge amount but it’s not small change either. This work will proceed sometime before the end of the year. After its done, if the alarm goes off, I know it’ll be for realz.

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