Last week I wrote a post about a survey being sent out to employees at the studio about how satisfied they were with the new food services company running the cafeteria.

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but there changes visible earlier this week. On Monday morning, the breakfast station for wraps, sandwich, and other prepackaged items turned into “grab and go” just like it was with the last company. The new company, however, decided that it wanted employees to ask them for a wrap or sandwich, they’d then grab the item from the tray (which was right in front of the employee) and then hand it to the employee. It was ridiculous and because the person running the line had to hear what each person wanted, long lines started to form in the morning. Everyone could clearly see the item they wanted but they couldn’t just grab and go. It took three months but they finally changed it back, hopefully because we complained in the survey.

Lastly, the stupid breakfast “potatoes” are now gone. The new company replaced the traditional hash browns with small, whole nugget potatoes which no one I talked to enjoy in the slightest. Like who wants to eat a whole roasted potato for breakfast? So on Monday, actual diced hash browns were available.

I hope there are more changes ahead because they didn’t even touch lunch service which has the most problems.

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