I’m feeling kinda low-energy right now and some of my muscles are sore. Lots of people are sick at work this week, something must be going around. A few of my friends are sick.

This maybe one of those things where I go to bed and I’ll feel ok in the morning. Let’s hope so.


To further report on my last post, I was able to determine from internal company communications that at least four other people at the studio have encountered problems with the lock on the washroom stall in question. I have no doubt there are countless others who just haven’t spoken up. No one so far has been trapped for any length of time but that lock is definitely dodgy.

I forgot to submit a facilities ticket today but will definitely do it tomorrow. This is a disaster just waiting to happen.


For about a period of five minutes, I was trapped inside a washroom stall at work on Friday around 6pm. I had gone to urinate in one of the washrooms near the cafeteria. These are individual stalls with walls that go from the floor to ceiling, same with the doors. They’re quite amazing really and the best place to go do your business.

My plan was to go pee and then catch a ride home with one of my co-workers. I had finished my business and went to unlock the door. The lock itself is a deadbolt style lock. I spun the latch to pull the deadbolt from the frame of the door but to my surprise, the deadbolt still had a significant amount to go before it was free of the frame. I couldn’t turn the lock any further though. Damn. I turned the latch back to the lock position and then tried again. I was met with the same result as before. It was stuck in the locked position.

There was a slight panic rising in me by now. It was getting late in the day and since it was a Friday, people were leaving for the weekend. I didn’t have my phone with me, so I couldn’t contact anyone via that method if I needed to. I could hear some people in the walking around outside, washing their hands at the sink. Should I yell for help or bang on the door? I contemplated that for a few seconds but I decided I needed to try again.

Could I use something to perhaps help move the deadbolt back? A credit card or something? As I looked into the gap between the door and the frame, I realized if you could defeat a deadbolt that easily with a credit card, people wouldn’t really be using deadbolts then.

I had to try the lock one more time. I spun it closed and then with great speed and force, I turned the latch back the other way again. It opened! I didn’t realize it at the time but now days later, I was also pushing against the door, which helped free the deadbolt from rubbing up against the strike plate. I think it was this friction that was keeping the bolt from moving back the whole way.

Relief washed over me and I quickly opened the door to freedom. I was outside! I went to the sink to wash my hands. I briefly thought about informing security about the possible death trap but my ride was leaving soon. I was hoping since it was late Friday, there would be very few people using that stall.

Now that I think about it, I regret not mentioning it to security as what if someone else did go in there and also get trapped. I’ll submit a facilities ticket on Monday so it gets looked at.


I apologize for not posting last night, I couldn’t connect to my WordPress installation, which meant I couldn’t write nor publish. I’m not sure what was going on and it was getting too late to connect to tech support to figure it out.

The connection is a bit unstable right now so I’m going to publish quickly so this goes out. I’ll investigate more on the weekend.


For the last month or so I’ve been eating a bowl of frozen blueberries in the evening. Well, they’re not totally frozen, I leave them to defrost for about 15 minutes. They’re not rock solid but still a bit firm and but not too mushy either. I do this for several reasons. First, blueberries are delicious. Second, they’re good for you (though probably better if they were fresh). Third, it’s an economical way to eat fruit. A whole bag goes for about $5 and if I were to spend the same amount on fresh blueberries, I’d get maybe a handful. Instead, the bag lasts me over a week.

Blueberries also have an amazing effect on my bowels. It’s very rich in fibre, so it keeps me very regular. It also makes my poop a deep shade of blue. Try some blueberries today!


I stopped drinking soft drinks, diet or otherwise, almost two years ago now. In the last several days, however, I’ve been craving a good, cold, and refreshing Coke Zero. The taste, the bubbles, and crisp coldness all beckon me again. It’s not even summer and I want to taste it again. I will resist however. Instead, I shall have fried chicken this week.


I pooped three times today. I did the same just a few weeks ago. Just like that time, I wasn’t sick or suffer from any intestinal distress that would bring on so many poops in one day. I just had to take three normal poops: once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the late evening.

I didn’t eat any more than normal today, so I’m not sure where my body is making all this waste. I wonder, what would happen if I ate bran and drank Metamucil all day?