For the last two weeks I’ve changed up my lunch routine a bit. Previously, I’d been having pre-packaged salads and a soup. Before the new year, the pre-packaged salads were actually quite good. They had leafy, dark green, and crisp spinach, an acceptable amount of protein, and a bit sweetness from dried cranberries. Since the new year, the new food services company has lowered the quality of the salads and increased the prices. They use cheap iceberg lettuce which has less nutritional value and they cut back on the amount of protein.

I’ve since gone to a sandwich and salad everyday. I also get the same sandwich too. It’s a poached salmon sandwich, grilled for a few minutes to crisp up the bread and heat up the filling. It’s a generous amount of salmon and it’s quite good for you. The salad at the sandwich station consists of spinach too, so it’s also healthy. Sometimes if I’m really hungry, I’ll get a soup as well. I understand the two slices of bread are a bit carb heavy but oh well.

This lunch may seem boring but at least it’s tasty and relatively healthy.

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