On Friday, it began snowy heavily right after the workday started. It didn’t take long for the snow to stick and accumulate on the ground. By 11am, we were told we could go home if the snow was going to cause problems. Some people started leaving immediately. Other had listened to the forecast the night before and didn’t even come in, deciding to work from home. Those were smart people.

I looked at the real-time info for the bus route that I use and it didn’t seem all that bad, so I decided I’d leave after lunch. I had work to get done, plus if it was going to be a bad commute, I might as well get fed first. I left sometime after 2pm and the studio floor was pretty empty by then. Other than trying to walk through nearly 10 cm of snow, my commute home was pretty normal. I got home around 3pm, took a nap, and then logged on to do some more work.

I’m really glad I got home when I did, because it continued to snow the entire time. Later in the day, it looked like blizzard conditions out there, just a massive wall of white snow coming down. It ended up feeling like a bit of a long weekend since no one stuck around for the full Friday. Anyways, that’s how I ended the week.

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