So I have this thing going on with my right eye, I guess it’s specifically my right eyelid. I think it might be infected since it’s been sorta puffy and red starting on the weekend. It was probably at its worst on Saturday night. It was also tender to the touch and there were some crusties forming around that eye. Yeah, it sounds kinda gross. My actual eye doesn’t seem to be affected. It’s not bloodshot or anything.

It’s much better now though. It doesn’t feel sore when I touch my eyelid and the redness is gone. There’s still a slight, almost imperceptible puffiness to it but way better than before. This might be pinkeye but there is also a condition where the eyelid gets an infection and doesn’t affect the eyeball itself. It appears that most of these ailments can clear themselves up in a few days without any medical treatment. Anyways, that’s my latest medical update.

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