I received a letter from my primary bank today. They’re giving me two months before they’ll be charging a dormant account fee for one of my bank accounts. It’s a stupid account that earned like 0.0001% interest. It didn’t cost me anything to open the account and it was something I used to park some cash that wasn’t making any money at all. I think I might have made about $0.05 of interest in that account before I smartened up and moved the money to something with better returns. I never did close the account.

Anyways, fast forward to two years later and I get this letter. To avoid the dormant account fee, I can either acknowledge I know about the account or I can re-activate it. I didn’t realize it but I actually have $3.64 in the account. I think I’ll just take that money out and close the account. I’m never going to use it again anyways. That $3 might get me a bag a chips and a can of soda.

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