It’s almost been two weeks since a new food service provider started operating the cafeteria at the studio. At this point, I have to say I’m disappointed and as for now, it hasn’t been an improvement over the previous company. For starters, I have a minor complaint for breakfast. They don’t offer “real” hash browns any more. I like the ones where it’s pressed into a patty and then fried. Instead, they offer pan fried nugget potatoes, like whole potatoes. That’s not hash browns at all!

Lunch is my biggest complaint. Before they had an option at the main station to select from two proteins and a vegetable side. It was really easy to get a high protein, low-carb lunch with veggies. Now, that is impossible at the main station. Every lunch option there has some sort of carb option and you’re not even guaranteed to have veggies with it. Last week, I had a tandoori chicken meal that had rice and a naan, with no vegetables. Sometimes the main lunch station closes down at 12:45pm and you’ll have missed out.

The salad bar is also a big letdown. They used to have taco salads, which I rarely choose, but were quite popular with other employees. Those are no longer offered. My usual choice of salad was a chef’s salad but that is no longer an option either.

The soups they offer are also odd. I had a chicken noodle soup last week that was tasteless. It appeared to have been made with no salt or spices whatsoever. It seemed like you’d have to purposely work hard to get to not taste like anything.

Another complaint that I have and I’ve heard as well is that you just don’t get a lot of value for your money. The prices have increased but the portion sizes have decreased. I honestly haven’t had a decent meal since the new year.

I know it’s only two weeks in and there’s time for adjustments but so far, I am not a fan.

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