I saw comedian Bobby Lee do a set live on Saturday evening. This was my second time seeing him live and he did not disappoint. Bobby has an incredible stage presence and he owned the room almost immediately after walking on stage. His first joke had everyone laughing and it was clear his comedy and performance so was much better than anyone else we’d had seen that event. No offense to the comedians that opened for him.

I think he might have repeated just one short joke from when I saw him in June of 2016. All of his other material was pretty much new. He wasn’t afraid to interact with the audience either. If you’re sitting close to the stage, Bobby is likely going to talk to you. Being an Asian comic, he touched on race a few times, mostly in a politically incorrect but also hilarious manner. He called a gentleman in the front row “one of those fancy Asians”. Near the end of the show, Bobby did a lapdance for a volunteer in the crowd (he always selects a male) and stripped down to his leopard print underwear for that.

For what it’s worth, Bobby says he really enjoys Vancouver and plans on returning every year, at least for the near future. This is great news since I’d love to catch him again next year.

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