After work and after I had eaten dinner myself, I walked one block to my friend’s apartment to feed his cat Begbie. By my estimation, it had been over 24 hours since he had been fed and seen a human being.

Knowing cats, I knew that when I opened the front door to the apartment, Begbie was going to right behind the door, thinking I was his owner. I opened the door and there he was, waiting at my feet when I stepped. He meowed loudly. Did I detect a bit of confusion?

I bent down to greet him. On Monday he was very aloof to me but as I went to say hi, he allowed me stroke his fur and give him gentle scratches on the head. I think he was bit lonely. I immediately went to refill his water dish and his food bowls. The wet cat food from yesterday was all gone. There was a bit of dry food left. I got him more food thinking he was hungry but he didn’t even notice there was more to eat.

It was a bit windy yesterday and the wind was making him very nervous and skittish. Well, the wind really picked up today and was howling outside. It made a tremendous racket as it shook the things on my friend’s balcony. It also whistled through the gap in the patio door. Once Begbie was bored with me again, he ran back into the living room and sat on the carpet looking out the window, at a safe distance. I could tell he was really quite unnerved by the sound the wind was making.

I gave him space and sat on the couch, hoping maybe he’d come over for snuggles and comfort but he had no such plans. The closest he came to me was jumping on the coffee table. I offered my lap but again, he was not interested. At one point, something freaked him out and he ran into my friend’s bedroom, where I found him perched on top of a small cat tree.

Begbie didn’t seem interested in eating the fresh food but he did lap at some of the new water I put down. He also didn’t seem interested me all that much either. I felt a bit sorry for him so as a bonus, I scooped out his cat litter for him. It wasn’t so bad. As I got ready to leave, he checked out the litter again and he must have noticed I cleaned it because he went in there and pooped. He felt comfortable enough to do that while I was there so I’ll take that as a win.

There wasn’t much else I could do for him so I left. Before I stepped out, he was still in the living room, being vigilant about that crazy wind that was bothering him. He looked back at me briefly and that’s when I went outside and locked the door.

I hope he’s ok tonight and that he less scared of the wind. I’ll return tomorrow to give him more food and water.

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