I arrived home this evening expecting to do a whole bunch of downloading and installing programs to get my computer right where it needed to be. Alas, it was not to be. I turned on my computer and Windows 10 would not boot. It just sat on a black screen with a swirly thing going round and round. I consulted the Internet and ran a few diagnostic programs. Some of them said nothing was wrong. A few of them said they knew something was wrong, didn’t know what specifically and couldn’t fix it. I was tired of futzing with it so I chose the option to reset the installation and re-install Windows 10 again. To Microsoft’s credit, it’s amazing that you can just completely re-install Windows from a diagnostic program without needing any install discs or files. It basically deleted the previous installation and then re-installed itself.

Of course this new turn of events put me back basically 24 hours in time. I had to redo all the crap I did last night. What a pain. Luckily, since it was the second time around, things went a bit faster and I avoided all the pitfalls the first time around. Everything seems ok now but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I should really just go back to the Commodore 64.

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