On Friday, Madden 18 went into wide release, the latest installment of the long running football video game franchise. I had a very small part in its development. I primarily worked on a system that is new to the Frostbite engine that allows a game to updated and patched while the game is still running. Madden 18 uses this system to update audio commentary and other data. The cool thing is this can be done without involving Microsoft or Sony. A traditional game patch has to go through testing and approval by the platform owners and the patch is stored on their servers. With this new system, we bypass all of this. The update/patch is stored on EA servers. We can update the game daily if need be (though that would be a crazy cadence). To be clear, I didn’t do this all on my own. It was a real team effort and I had a very small part in this.

I didn’t expect to have a game credit for this calendar year but I’m listed in the main credits for Madden 18, which I’m kinda embarrassed about. I’m not sure I did enough work to warrant that but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. Anyways, check out the game if you get a chance!

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