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I made my first cheesecake on Sunday. This was possible because I bought my very first mixer, one that has a stand no less, on the weekend. It was a great deal at $85 when it retails close to $200 in some stores and online. It also is red metal and kinda looks like if Tony Stark made an Iron Man mixer.

I’m not the biggest cheesecake fan in the world but the recipe I read seemed easy enough and more importantly, it really did require an electric mixer for this to be a feasible task. It called for four packages of cream cheese to be mixed until smooth and without my mixer, it would have been an arduous process to do it by hand. My arm and hand would have been just exhausted if I had to do it manually. I also had to buy a springform pan which I’d never used before. It was a great learning exercise overall.

I also learned something about cheesecakes that I never even knew was an issue. Apparently, cheesecakes can crack if you don’t adhere to the recipe exactly or prepare it wrong. It has no bearing on how it tastes but it’s more of an aesthetics thing. Despite taking most of the precautions, my cheesecake a single crack running down the center. I didn’t care all that much.

So you’re probably wondering how it turned out in terms of taste. I was honestly a bit surprised to discover I made an awesome tasting first cheesecake. It actually turned out great. I prefer my cheesecakes to be creamy and smooth, rather than cake-like and dry. This one was exactly that. I was expecting it to be a bit of a disappointment but it was difficult for me to just stick to one piece a day. Knowing what I put into it, I can say this thing is packed with sugar, fat, calories, carbs and everything else that makes something taste great but is horrible for your body. I brought a slice to work for a co-worker and he said it was amazingly good and better than his Mom’s cheesecake. What an endorsement!

There’s still three-quarters of it left and I’m not going to eat it all, I just can’t. Perhaps I’ll bring more of it to work. In any case, I’m looking forward to making more stuff with my mixer.

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