I take out the garbage and recycling after midnight usually. When I do so, there’s not a lot of people around as most are in bed. Unfortunately, that means I’m in the perfect situation to interrupt things. This evening I went to recycle some stuff and to get to the garbage/recycling room I have to transit this utility corridor beyond the lobby. When I opened the door to the corridor, I found myself about three feet away, at eye level, staring at a mouse. It was climbing the door jamb of the door I was striding towards. It took my brain a few seconds to process what I was seeing and meanwhile, I was still walking towards it. I was thinking, “brain, why are you still making me walk towards that damn thing?” I kinda had a bit of freak out, jumped back, and watched the mouse also freak out and run down the door frame and underneath the door I needed to go through.

This was the second time I’ve seen a mouse in this corridor and just like last time, I surprised the rodent in question. There was no way I was gonna go open that door that the mouse just snuck underneath. I had to take a detour, up and around, to get to the garbage room. I half expected to see a mouse in there as well but luckily I recycled my stuff without incident. I complained to strata council after the first sighting but I guess rodents are persistent and difficult to get rid of. I hope I don’t see another mouse soon.

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