As all of you know, I moved web hosts last week. Had I chose not to, I would have had to renew my hosting with GoDaddy. What I just discovered today though is that GoDaddy has been having technical issues on their web site going back to at least Saturday. I’m not sure what went wrong but one of the problem was that you couldn’t sign into your account. I’m not talking about it would just fail to login, I’m saying that if you clicked on “Sign In” on their web site, it would take to you a page without a place to enter in your username and password. It would be just a blank page with a background image. No text boxes for username and password. Incredible.

There are a plethora of complaints on Twitter where people couldn’t sign into their accounts on GoDaddy on the weekend and into this week. Had I chose to renew, I would have tried to do it on the weekend, and I wouldn’t even be able to access my account. I’m not sure what would have happened. My hosting agreement ended on Monday and my entire site would have been deleted from their servers. It’s a good thing I chose to move my site elsewhere.

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