Today was Mother’s Day in North America but I ate dinner by myself because my family celebrated our Mom last week when restaurants weren’t so busy and the service isn’t so bad.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to make this evening but then I realized I had a box of salisbury Hamburger Helper sitting in one of my cupboards. Without looking further, I went to the grocery store to get meat and milk, which is required for required for this particular type of Hamburger Helper.

When I returned home, I grabbed the box out of the cupboard to begin my culinary journey. I’ve made salisbury Hamburger Helper countless times so I was kinda on autopilot for most of the cooking. When the time came to add the hot water to the saucepan, I casually glanced at the box, at which I noticed the recipe called for more hot water than usual. What was this? I looked at the box more carefully and I realized this was actually Beef Taco Hamburger Helper. Ugh. Some time in the past, I must have accidentally bought this instead of the salisbury version.

Well, I didn’t have any other boxes of Helper at home so I was pretty much committed at this point. I followed through and made Beef Taco Hamburger Helper. It wasn’t very good at all. The box came with this odd cheese topping mix that you put on after it’s all ready. That was not good either.

I know people make fun of Hamburger Helper for being not tasty but honestly, salisbury is the only one worth making. Now I gotta eat the leftovers tomorrow. Bleh.

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