This morning the Novus technician came by my home to set up my fiber optic Internet connection. He had to do a splice, which I didn’t think was necessary but whatever. He was done in about ten minutes and was gone. The switch over to new connection was basically seamless.

To really test my connection, I started a download of a game that was about 40 Gb in size. On my previous connection, that would have taken a total of 18 hours to finish. From a practical standpoint, that’s a two but probably three day download as I’d have to break it up into chunks of time where I’m not at home. On my new connection, that download was scheduled to be done in three hours. I left it running while I went to work, it was obviously done before I got home.

Now that I have a super-fast connection, monthly data caps are something I need to think about going forward. My download cap is now 400 Gb. Just downloading that game took up more than 10% of my cap in just the first day of the month. Luckily I won’t be downloading a large game every single day of the month but it does illustrate how fast you can burn through your data. On previous connection, I also had a data cap but because it was much slower, the cap was practically impossible to go over. I’d have to purposely try to be downloading at max speed every single second of the day to try to eat up as much data.

I don’t think I’ll have to change my Internet habits too much to stay within the monthly cap. I just have to be wary of wanting to download a new game every single day. These are first-world problems indeed.

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