I went downstairs to get my mail this evening and when I opened up my mailbox I was surprised to see a delivery notice card from Canada Post. I’m usually aware of any outstanding deliveries and nearly all of them I have sent to work so I don’t miss them when I’m gone.

I grabbed the card and looked at the address. It was the correct address, so it’s not like the mail person put the card in the wrong box. Of course that doesn’t rule out that the shipper sent it to wrong address in the first place. The name on the delivery card was not mine though. So it was pretty clear this delivery was not meant for me.

I took the card upstairs and entered the number on it into the Canada Post web site. This number allows you to see the tracking info for the delivery, including who might have sent the package. Curiously, the Canada Post system could not find any info about this package. With previous legit deliveries, this info has always been available. If I had to guess, someone must have realized the mistake after the parcel was taken to the postal outlet and then invalidated this card info from the system but obviously couldn’t remove the card from my mailbox.

I guess there’s nothing for me to do but perhaps I should call the postal outlet tomorrow just to be sure.

2 thoughts on “RETURN TO SENDER?”

  1. I send all my sex toy orders to work so I can make the mailroom employees feel super awkward.

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