A few years ago I decided not to watch any movie trailers for any Star Wars related films. This started with Revenge of the Sith and has continued on through to Rogue One. I don’t want to know anything about the movie beforehand because I’m going to see it anyways. Why ruin it?

This week though, someone made a comment online where they stated they’ve stopped watching trailers for movies they were going to see anyways. In their opinion, their movie-going enjoyment was raised significantly. Because nothing was spoiled, everything about those films was revealed in a refreshingly honest way. The only trailers they did watch were for films they had no initial intention of going to see. The thinking is that they would give the trailer a chance to change their mind.

I’m going to follow suit along with this anonymous movie fan. There’s a whole bunch of superhero movies coming out that I know I’ll be seeing so there’s no point in watching their trailers. I hope this will be as liberating I expect it to be.

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