I sleep in a comfortable shirt and PJ bottoms, it’s a setup that just feels right, year-round. Like most humans, I change clothes before I head off to work. On Friday, I thought I succeeded in doing that as left my home. I was wearing a dress shirt, an undershirt under that, and jeans. When I got to work, I noticed one of the buttons of my dress shirt was undone. I was absentmindedly trying to button it back up while looking at my morning e-mails. I then felt something odd with my undershirt. Why did my supposedly plain white undershirt feel like it had something silkscreened on it? I looked down and I realized I had not changed out of my sleep shirt, which has the face of some dude on the front as a graphic.

Perhaps it was fatigue or maybe I was just in a rush but I just slapped on my dress shirt and was on my way out the door. Now it doesn’t seem like a big deal, as my sleep shirt is white, just like my undershirts but it is bigger. It was big enough to be poking out from underneath my dress shirt. It also felt too loose on me, as if I wasn’t wearing anything underneath at all. It was a bit of an odd feeling.

I will admit that I was pretty pleased to get home, not just because it was the start of the weekend, but because I could be wearing my sleep shirt in the right environment again.

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