To my dismay, the weather forecasters are predicting another blast of snow for Friday and Saturday. I’ve come to really dislike snowfalls in the city as this winter the snow has wreaked havoc on the roads and sidewalks.

The temperature outside is now below freezing and it got pretty cold in my apartment tonight. A few weeks ago, a chilly evening like this would make me think quite carefully about turning my heat on. First, it’ll cost me electricity to do so and second, it would dry the air out pretty quickly. Recall though that I now have a humidifier in my bedroom.

About an hour ago I decided to turn the heat on as inside my apartment it dipped to 17 degrees Celsius. At the same time, I had my humidifier on full blast, set to a target relative humidity of 45%. The temperature is now closer to 20 degrees and the air is moist. I wonder if my commute home tomorrow will be hell.

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