I didn’t make a post last night because my schedule got thrown out of whack. Last evening at around 10pm I felt quite tired, most likely because I’m still recovering from that last bit of the sinus infection. I crawled into bed with the intention of napping half an hour to an hour, just to get my energy back so I could finish some things before going to real bed. I feel asleep and when my eyes blinked awake again I saw it past 3am in the morning. I must have been exhausted because I was lights out asleep without any interruption for hours.

I must have laid in bed for about ten minutes trying to process what I needed to do. I still needed to brush my teeth and floss. I also needed to refill my hot water dispenser and set the timer for it so that I would have freshly boiled water in the morning. Of course the lights and my computer were still on so I’d have to shut those down once everything else was completed.

With my pre-sleep activities done, I slipped into bed once more, this time ready to sleep all the way through to the morning. Unfortunately, I was wide awake at this point. Rather than get up again, I decided to stay in bed and just browse the Internet. It’s a good thing my tablet was plugged into the wall because I was watching cat videos for nearly three hours before I felt tired enough to fall back asleep.

So that’s why you weren’t able to read something disappointing last night!

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