I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve lost a piece of clothing that’s part of my everyday wardrobe. I find that losing clothing is a difficult thing to do since you’re wearing the item. To lose it means you actually have to take the item off, place it down somewhere, forget to put it back on, and then leave. As difficult as it seems though, sometime in the last two weeks I managed to lose one of my dress shirts that I wear quite frequently.

The last time I remember seeing it was putting it on about two Fridays ago and going to work. I’m very confident that I arrived at work still wearing the shirt. I feel like I’d remember if I somehow took off my winter coat and then took off my shirt, all while on my commute to work. I’m also very confident that I arrived back home that day still wearing the item. I’m not in the habit of randomly taking off items of clothing at work and with the weather being so cold, it seems unlikely I was taking off layers.

So the odds are I arrived back at home with that shirt on. Logically then, the shirt must be somewhere in my home. Yet I’ve checked my closet, the washing machine, and the dryer, all the likely places for a piece of clothing to be and come up empty. If the shirt isn’t in a likely place, then it’s quite possible it’s in an unlikely place. I don’t exactly live in a mansion though, so the other possibilities aren’t limitless. It’s not in the garbage, not behind the couch, not in any of kitchen cabinets, nor is it on my balcony.

I may never find out where that shirt went. In the grand scheme of things, this is an inconsequential mystery but it is a mystery nonetheless. I shall keep looking.

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