Earlier this month about 120 people fell ill with gastro-intestinal maladies on Vancouver Island. Health authorities have now discovered those all people ate raw oysters that came from a single supplier. Additionally, the cause of the illness was norovirus, a personal nemesis of mine.

I recently had a case of my own gastro-intestinal troubles so this story brought up fresh memories. Having over a hundred people being sick must have made for a lot of miserable folks. Fortunately, health authorities have said that everyone has since recovered. That’s great news because this type of illness can hit older people quite hard.

Now despite the cause of this being some dodgy raw oysters, it won’t discourage me from eating raw oysters in the future. Keep in mind though, I won’t consume raw oysters from just any place. It’s easier for coastal regions to get fresher raw oysters, so maybe I’d think twice about getting them in say Cleveland, Ohio. Even then, sometimes it’s just luck of the draw. Damn them for being too tasty!

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