Very late into the work day an issue popped up on the radar for the area I’m working on. The issue is of a legal nature and those are usually taken quite seriously. Since it was late in the day though, not a lot of other info was coming in so I expected a lot more e-mails to arrive the next day.

I went home and I just happened to log onto my work computer to check something out. It was about 10pm when a meeting request popped up in my Outlook. One of the company lawyers wanted to meet over Skype to discuss the issue I referenced above. I blindly accepted the meeting without looking at the details. I expected the meeting to be quite soon as legal issues don’t really wait to be solved. I went back to what I was doing when I checked meeting that I had just accepted. It was scheduled for 9am the next day. Who sends out a meeting request at 10pm in the evening?

Since I work traditional video game developer hours, if I had not been checking my e-mails I would have missed the meeting entirely since I would have been asleep. I don’t really get to work until around 10am. I briefly thought about just getting to work by 9am but I didn’t want to get up at least an hour earlier than usual. I finally decided since it was a Skype meeting, I’d just connect from home using VOIP through the Skype app on my phone. I’ll also log into my work computer via remote desktop just in case I need to reference documents or code during the meeting.

I look forward to speaking to everyone while I’m still in my PJs.

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