I had a salad for lunch and another for dinner today and it was terrible. I normally have salads for lunch because it’s healthier but I forgot that I had purchased a pre-made salad on Sunday and did not eat it right away. On my way home, I realized that I had a salad waiting for me in the fridge.

I briefly entertained the idea of not eating it and leaving it for tomorrow but salads are best eaten fresh and delaying the consumption by another 24 hours didn’t seem smart to me. So like an adult, I had my pre-made Cobb salad for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. I will say the Save-On-Foods makes better salads than Safeway does. This Safeway Cobb salad had chicken that tasted slightly off. I wish they had used spinach instead of lettuce. The bacon they also put in it wasn’t great either. Not sure how you screw up bacon but they found a way.

Days where your main meals are just salad aren’t very fun. So does this mean it’s poutine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow. Unfortunately not as when you’re older such binging leads to an early grave.

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