Today Americans go to the polls once more to choose their president. Every four years the rest of the world just shakes their head, hoping Americans make the right choice, a choice that is so obvious that it boggles the mind that people are even voting for the other candidate.

Let’s not mince words. The rest of the free world has preferred the Democratic nominee for US President since at least when I was able to vote myself in my own country’s elections. The rest of the western world just prefers the saner and more progressive policies of the Democratic party compared to the tire fire that is the Republican party. As such, it’s just so frustrating to have to watch Americans every four years wrestle with what should be such an easy choice. Especially this election when one of the candidates is a complete clown.

I’ve said this before but I would entertain seeing how bad things would get under a crazy, unhinged right-wing US president. A president so unqualified they would be able to drive the country into the ground in less than a hundred days. Unfortunately, the United States has too much influence in the world. Their failures would directly affect the rest of the world. Their economy, their military, and their influence on the world is too great, so they must not fail.

So that’s why every four years, the world gnashes their teeth, hoping Americans don’t do anything stupid. I was a young teen during the last few years of the Cold War. Not once during that time did I believe the world might be headed towards the apocalypse. Tomorrow though, I believe Americans hold the fate of world in their hands. We are at one of those clear and distinct junctions in world history, where a single wrong choice could lead to the end of civilization. I wish that were hyperbole but it unfortunately is not.

May we all have another opportunity to gnash our teeth again in four years time.

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