Perhaps it’s because I’m currently fighting a cold but I had a restless night and when my alarm did go off this morning I had no impetus to get out of bed. I did somehow manage to get up, get dressed, and dragged myself to work. Thankfully, it did not turn into a demanding day at the studio. I didn’t have to answer a lot of e-mails, no one was breathing down my neck for things, and I had no meetings to go. For the most of the day, I just sat at my desk reflectively, punctuated by moments of feeling helplessness. At one point in the day, I read a comment on Facebook, from someone I met at grad school. She is from Alaska, an ardent Clinton supporter, and someone who is proudly progressive in her views. She said she sobbed while watching the concession speech this morning. Whatever I felt today did not compare to what she felt. She was devastated.

This evening, I turned to talk shows for analysis, which I think can be just as enlightening as traditional news. First, there’s the always sharp and witty Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show for his thoughts on election night. As a side note, Robert Smigel, who is Triumph, appears less than a month after the death of his father, who was a famous and pioneering dentist. Lastly, there is the wonderfully thoughtful Seth Meyers, who was absolutely great with his political pieces during the election. His remarks on the election results were sincere and personal, and especially poignant when he mentioned his mother, who was so ready to see the first female US president.

Well, it’s time for bed and another day awaits us.

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