I have a friend at work who seems to be constantly getting packages delivered to the studio. I think everyone who works there does the same thing as getting stuff delivered to the mail room is way more convenient than delivery services leaving that stupid card at your home when you’re away during the day.

Anyways, I believe in the last two months or so my friend has received at least six different packages from Amazon. How do I know this? We take a (nearly) daily walk together in the afternoon. I’ll go get a coffee and if he’s got a package to pick up, we’ll stop by the mail room. The stuff he’s purchasing isn’t expensive or anything, for example he bought laundry detergent using Amazon. I am, however, feeling a bit of envy that he gets a treat in the mail. It’s all psychological I believe. Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail?

I even mentioned this to my friend today as we went to pick up some t-shirts that he had ordered online. I even proposed that I might just order cheap crap just to get something delivered to me. Perhaps I need 150 silver twist-ties in my kitchen.

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