There’s a scheduled power outage in my apartment building tomorrow night, 12am to 4am. The reason for this is that electrical vault for this building is going to be now shared with the new building that’s going up next door. That’s the same building that’s been plaguing the whole area with its pile driving. I’m not sure why the new building couldn’t just have its own vault. I bet it’s because the developer next door is cheap and doesn’t want to build another one. I know the developer is cheap because he built my building and he cut a lot of corners here. Am I publicly saying Mike Degelder is a terrible developer? Hmmmm… maybe?

Anyways, having the power cut off at midnight might not affect some folks but for night owls like me, this is going to be an inconvenience. I’ll probably be up another hour an a half before going to bed. I won’t even be able to play video games! I’ll light some candles and I’ll have to use my phone for the Internet. I’ll most like just doing some reading. Did you know Norm Macdonald has a new book out?

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