Earlier in the week I wrote about waiting to get diarrhea again because of some grapes. I did not get sick again thankfully. I ate the rest of the grapes without incident. Not sure what happened with the first bunch. You can all rest easy now.

It’s the Labour Day long weekend coming up and I didn’t even realize it until someone told me on Monday. A lot of people at work have taken the Friday off or already have left on vacation. While I haven’t, it does make for a more relaxing workplace as there are less people in the studio. It’s quieter and there’s just less stuff going on. It’s almost similar to when you have to go in on Christmas Eve.

While there is ample opportunity for me to slack off on the Friday before the long weekend, I am actually quite motivated to finish up some stuff before the start of the next week. I really don’t want my current task to drag into Tuesday morning. I’d like to start the next week with something fresh and new.

As for the long weekend itself, as I didn’t even realize it was coming, it may not be a surprise that I didn’t really plan for anything. I think I have lunch with a friend organized but beyond that, I think I have sleep penciled in. I’m not sure what else after that.

To all the parents out there, good luck with sending your kids back to school!

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