On Monday I knew it was a rough morning when I got to work and I went to put my badge up against the reader to get inside the studio. I always clip the reel to one of my belt loops so my badge is at waist level. When I brought the badge holder up, it was empty. Doh!

What the hell happened? I realized I had grabbed an empty badge holder and reel from my kitchen counter. Don’t ask me why I have an empty one sitting right next to my real one in the same place. In my Monday morning daze I must have just grabbed one, clipped it to my pants and left my apartment.

Luckily, someone let me inside and I had to go get a temp badge for the day. Most people who get a temp badge just forgot theirs for the day, which is totally understandable. I didn’t forget. I remembered to bring my badge but instead grabbed an empty holder. That’s like remembering to take your baby to daycare but grabbing an empty baby carrier instead and leaving your kid in the crib at home. I know, I come up with the best analogies.

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