Last month I wrote a post about the pile driving that’s going on in my neighbourhood. There’s construction going on right next door and also about two blocks away, close to the riverside. As I mentioned, it’s a blight on weekday mornings as it wakes me up well before my alarm is supposed to go off. My only solace was the weekends where construction is paused. That solace was short-lived unfortunately.

On Saturday morning, I was rudely awoken by the sounds of pile driving next door at approximately 9am. Technically, the city by-laws allow construction to occur on the weekends except that they must start later. Though it totally sucks to be awoken by construction noise at 9am on a Saturday, the construction crew is within their right to do so. It kinda ruined my morning. I tried chasing after my lost sleep and stayed in bed until almost 2pm trying to get more rest. Thankfully, there was no pile driving on Sunday.

For your pleasure, I took cell phone video of the noise I hear every morning. In the video above, I simply stuck my phone outside on my balcony and recorded the sounds of disturbance. I apologize for the crappy audio but you can easily tell the noise is quite intense. If you listen carefully, you can actually make out two distinct pile driving noises. There’s the obvious louder one and also another less intense (but still noisy) one from the site two blocks away. It’s a double-whammy I get to experience every morning, now on Saturdays as well! Yay!

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