The annual EA summer family event was held today. Every time I go to one of these things my main goal is eat copious amounts of free food. I did exactly that today.

For the first time in recent memory, they had corn dogs available. I love corn dogs but I haven’t had one in years since I found out how unhealthy they are. I started with those today. I ate two of them before even most of the studio had made it onto the field. I followed that up with a cheeseburger. Because you just can’t resist them, I decided to eat two whole bags of mini-doughnuts. They were made fresh so they were all hot, moist, and glistening with sugar. So good. I chased it all down with a soda and an apple cider.

You might find this hard to believe but I practiced some restraint this afternoon. I also wanted to eat a bag of kettle corn and a bag of potato chips but I decided I had eaten too much already. It’s back to salads tomorrow.

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