Like many of you, I watch YouTube videos to be entertained. Some channels rely on original content to keep their subscribers watching. For some channels, that means new pranks on a regular basis. For others, it might be new eating challenges.

I’ve discovered and I guess they’ve discovered it can be really difficult to consistently make content fast enough to appease their viewers. Pranks for example, if not staged, can be hit or miss. When you rely on the public for reactions, you can’t predict what they’ll do. For eating challenges, it’s terrible on your body. You just can’t stuff your body full of weird foods on a weekly basis and not have it affect your health.

In light of this, many YouTubers have a secondary channel where they just shoot daily videos about their lives. It’s not scripted but it’s way easier to film. Sometimes, I find these videos just as amusing as the regular stuff.

Creating entertainment is not easy, so I understand their struggle.

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