After just five days of work, I’m heading to LA tomorrow for the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The last week has been a period of great transition for me as returned to work after nearly four months of relaxing and travel. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to return the working world after a lengthy period of free-living. The transition is never easy and I don’t think it gets an easier. How can it? You go from having total control of your life to the grim reality of having a job to go to every week day.

You’d think returning to the same company, to the same team, and with the same co-workers would ease the transition somewhat but it only did in the slightest of ways. My former and now again current co-workers told me that I’d be in for a rough ride. Some of them went away for two-week vacations and returned in a state of discombobulation as they attempted to get back into work mode. They said that with my multi-month journey of fun, I’d probably be in an even greater confused state. I’d say they were right. The first week wasn’t all that fun as I tried to reconcile with the reality of having to get up early, commute to work, be somewhere for eight hours, and then having to come home.

So as my mind tried to adjust and survive the first week, I’m now headed off to LA for E3. While I am truly excited to attend my first E3, I’m wondering how confused I am making my mental state as temporarily swing it back to vacation mode again briefly. Part of me thinks my transition back to work would go smoother if I’d just leave the vacations behind for a while. As it stands, I’m jetting off to another sunny destination and leaving work behind once again.

I hope my psyche is strong enough to survive all these sudden changes.

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