So my right eye is infected with something. Late last evening I noticed some odd discomfort in my right eye. It just appeared out of nowhere. I went to the mirror and saw the white of the eye was all red. Nothing too ghastly but it definitely not normal. My eyelid and/or my eyeball was also tender to the touch.

I thought maybe it was a stye because I’ve had one of those before. It didn’t look like that though. There was no “pimple” like bump on any of the eyelids. My other thought was it might be conjunctivitis but I’ve never had that before. It’s easy to be an Internet doctor so I decided I’d just go to bed and see the doctor in the morning. I washed the eye out with some warm water and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and when I looked in the mirror, my eye had some crusted up discharge. Again, nothing too gross but definitely not normal. I decided to go to a walk-in clinic and this time I chose to go to one a bit further than the two downstairs from me. The two closest to me are extremely busy all the time, to the point that they normally stop taking patients around noon. This other clinic is way less busy and when I called to make sure they were still taking patients, they even offered to give me an appointment time.

The doctor took a look at my eye and he really wanted to rule out a foreign body of sorts that might have gotten into my eye. He didn’t see anything, which I suppose is good. He wound up giving me a prescription for antibiotic eye drops, something I’ve never had to use before. Hell, I haven’t really used any eye drops at all for most of my life.

The doctor said he thinks this might be the early on-set of conjunctivitis since the symptoms are still minor in number and severity. I’m to apply a single drop to the eye twice a day for a week. That’s good timing since I’m on a plane to London in one week. Let’s hope this gets all cleared up before then.

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