Tomorrow is the wrap party for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The last time I was at the studio was about February 19th, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen my co-workers. It’ll be the first time for me to see everyone since the game launched. I am looking forward to discussing how the launch went and what the players are bitching about right now (gamers are easily the most vocal complainers on the planet).

I’ve been to at least a half-dozen wrap parties over the course of my career and I still appreciate the effort that companies put forth in throwing one of these events. A company isn’t mandated by anything to do that. It costs time, effort, and more importantly money to book a venue, have it catered, pay for alcohol, and in most cases, pay for everyone’s taxi ride home. So when they do this, I understand they’re going out of their way to show appreciation for everyone’s hard work to get a game out the door and into the hands of entitled gamers. So thank you Electronic Arts for showing the PvZ: GW2 team some love, including those who have already moved on from the team and the company.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and stuffing my face with free food.

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