In a previous post, I showed one Kevin Strahle, who attempted to drink a gallon of Tabasco sauce. Strahle, who goes by L.A. Beast on his YouTube channel, spectacularly did not complete that challenge.

Since that attempt Strahle went on to try a few more eating challenges but has cut back considerably in the last few months. As he explains it, the extreme nature of these stunts was taking a toll on his body. In particular, Strahle suffered for several weeks after he attempted to consume a massive quantity of goat meat, which he suspected was actually undercooked. He felt terrible for a long while and at one point his doctor required him to bring in a stool sample to rule out the possibility of parasites in his system. If you’re curious, he did not have parasites.

Strahle has since declared to his viewers that he is moving away from these extreme eating challenges. For example, he’s now decided that he wants to train for an attempt to walk across the United States in 45 days or less. Which is why I was surprised as hell to see the video that he posted yesterday that you see above.

In this video, Strahle attempts to drink/consume a gallon of milk that he put outside in the Los Angeles sun for two weeks. Let that just sink in for a second. The whole video is an amazing journey that I won’t spoil for you. Stay with it to the end, it’s totally worth it.

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