I’m still trying to get to bed at a decent hour. Last night I went to sleep around 6am. The problem is I don’t feel tired until then. I did set my alarm for 12:30pm today because I wanted to at least wake up earlier and not like at 3pm as I have been doing.

While I did wake up before 1pm, I felt pretty gross for the rest of afternoon. I wound up going back to sleep around 3pm for a nap. I felt better when I woke up but I then realized that probably wouldn’t help me get to bed earlier later tonight.

I think I need to decide on one night where I just taking a sleeping pill at around 2am and nudge my body clock back to where it needs to be. Ideally, I think I’d be going to bed around 3am or 4am.

The great thing is that I don’t need to wake up for anything specific. That’s the beauty of this bum lifestyle at first. I’m sure I’ll want to do something more productive in a little while but for now, it’s ok.

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