Last week we moved our clocks ahead one hour in this country, which was because of daylight savings time. Because of this, there’s now more daylight during the day. You look at the clock and expect the sun to be down but because we messed with the time, it’s still daylight outside.

Normally, I welcome the spring forward part for DST because you now get more light for more of the day. Today though, I looked outside at around 5pm and it was still very bright outside and for some reason I was annoyed at that. Internally, I was thinking, “damn, it should be much darker out right now”. I’m not sure why that was. Generally, I like sunnier days than cloudy ones. I’m not an emo or goth dude who wants the world to live under a never-ending gray sky. I’m pretty sure I’m not depressed.

If I could offer up one theory, it’s that I might be getting pretty fed up with DST in general. I don’t think it actually offers me any personal benefit. There are many people who want to get rid of DST as well. I don’t think I’d be disappointed if that ever happened.

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  1. In the Manitoba-Saskatchewan rivalry the joke was that Saskatchewan doesn’t switch to DST because they don’t know how to set the time on their clocks

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